Sweet Cream Fine Grain Salt Scrub

Lily Beauty

130 QAR

سكراب للجسم الاكثر شهره والمفضل لدى اوبرا

يحتوي علي زيت نخاله الارز وتركيز عالي من فيتامين


لبشره ناعمه كالحرير طبيعي بنسبه




92% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free

A warm, buttery sweet cream scent and silky rice bran oil combine with the finest of salt grains to deliver soft skin like you’ve simply never felt before! Charmingly hand packaged in a woven bag with a hang tag that reads: “Smooth as a Duck’s Butt.” But don’t be deceived! This is one serious body scrub – uniquely formulated with Rice Bran Oil for its high concentration of Vitamin E that brings lasting, radiant-looking skin! Use in the shower or bath tub- just scoop, rub and scrub in circular motions. Perfect in the summer before you slip on a slinky dress. Cracked heels are gonners! Our fine grain salt scrubs are among our most popular products, selected by Oprah for her O-List where she said “Here's a trio of scrubs that smell so good I'm ready to serve them over berries!" Lightweight, non-greasy and so addictively yummy, you'll keep a jar by every sink and bathtub!

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