Eyetech Look Eyeshadow - 111

Lily Beauty

85 QAR

قلم آيشادو بتقنية متقدمه يسمح بوضح المنتج بطريقه متساويه ومتجانسة .. يستمر لفتره طويله حتى 10 ساعات


Automatic eye shadow pen with advanced formula that releases immediate and even color. The new, creamy and long-lasting texture contained in the cap creates a fine layer that perfectly adheres to the eyelid. For easy application, the sponge applicator has a new, more defined tip and is ideal for drawing precise lines that can be smudged for a smoky look. the formula is enriched with soft, smooth wax. Long-lasting formula tested for up to 10 hours of wear.

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